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Coordinating the myriad of point solutions in an organization is challenging, to say the least. But doing so effectively will yield the most precious gift – more time to do the type of work that adds real value to the company.

Companies have application software that addresses individual issues in the organization. Yet an end-to-end business process spans several systems and workers, linked by informal procedures and interfaces. For an end user, it’s a real headache to keep track of multiple entry points, passwords and undocumented steps to accomplish a task. The answer is a process portal, where actions are completed without regard to the underlying application software. 

The human and system parts of a process are linked by automated workflow and application integration, respectively. However, each application has its own workflow component. Therefore, an important aim is to consolidate all workflow items on a centralized portal worklist, in order to maintain the process (vs. system) orientation. This will become like an electronic “to-do” list in a single location. Email notifications for actions tend to get lost, disregarded or not acted upon. With a consolidated worklist, events can be monitored and controlled.

Successful implementation of Peopleserv Conexxions will give each worker the asset they crave most – more time to do the “real” work, and therefore become a more productive and fulfilled employee.



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