To rid the world of all inefficiencies...

...one business process at a time

Unlock human potential: At Peopleserv, we believe strongly in the human spirit. We feel that automation should remove the hindrances that prevent people from doing the types of thing that people do well: making decisions using intuition, knowledge and creativity. It should free people from the administration of information and allow them to focus on their strategic objectives.

Software is too complicated: Software should not be difficult to learn and difficult to use. It should help you do your job, not be a burden. It should be intuitive to use.The best software is that which you don't even know is there, but just fades into the background. However, it should provide the right information to the right person at the right time.

World peace through collaborative commerce: Through the web, we now have the tools to allow anyone to conduct business with anyone else anywhere in the world. Throughout history, when people are doing business with each other they tend not to be shooting at each other. Therefore, by creating tools that allow people to conduct business with one another we are contributing, in a small way, to world peace.


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